June 15, 2021

Sofia Richie: My sister Nicole Richie’s fashion mishaps were iconic

Sofia Richie says her sister Nicole Richie‘s fashion mishaps on ‘The Simple Life’ were “iconic”.

The 22-year-old model has defended her 39-year-old sister’s fashion choices from the early 2000s as they remain as some of Nicole’ most memorable looks.

Speaking to ELLE UK, Sofia said: “[Nicole’s] bad outfits were just iconic. So, how can you diss an iconic outfit?”

Nicole – who has Harlow, 13, and Sparrow, 11, with Joel Madden – donned a range of mini-skirts and baker boy hats during her time filming ‘The Simple Life’ with Paris Hilton between 2003 and 2007 but has since thrown out her old outfits.

She explained: “My daughter just asked me if I had any of my ‘The Simple Life’ outfits saved. I was like, ‘Saved? No.'”

And despite being known for her awful outfits, Sofia would steal Nicole’s ensembles from her closet for herself.

She added: “I loved Rihanna growing up and I loved the Olsen twins. But, I could go to Nicole’s house, go into her closet and steal everything.”

Now, the duo – whose father is singer Lionel Richie – have joined forces to create their first collection with Nicole’s fashion brand House of Harlow 1960 – which she launched in 2008.

Nicole said: “Sofia has been wearing House of Harlow since it began. It felt really natural and something fun to do with my sister.”

Sofia described their working relationship as “fireworks” as they were able to use each other’s creative minds to put together new styles

She added: “It honestly was fireworks because there’s certain things I feel like I couldn’t really put together in my mind that she could, and vice versa. There was certain things she would lean towards me on and I would lean towards her. It was a great partnership.”

Meanwhile, Nicole previously admitted she felt the pressure to be taken seriously when she made her debut as a fashion designer.

She said: “I am a serious designer. At the same time, I’m still me. I learnt very quickly that validation cannot come from someone else. “There are many versions of success and everyone has to define this for themselves . For me, I want to be able to stand behind what I’m doing. Even if it’s a failure, it’s my failure and I can stand behind that.”

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